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Preventive Maintenance is also quite often very simple and easy to do.

Have your engine oil changed every 8,000km if you use Semi Synthetic 

Every 10,000km-13,000km if you use Synthetic.

European vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, etc.) will often have service intervals even longer. 15,000km is common, some are even around 20,000km

Tyre Rotations should be done every 10,000km. A good Rule of Thumb is with every oil change.

When the rotation is done it also allows the technician to check for a whole host of other potential issues. Such as wheel bearing play, tie rod end play, brake wear, suspension issues, not to mention letting the mechanic visually inspect the rest of the vehicle while it is in the air.

We do not want to sound like a nag.

​And don't worry, there are a lot of people around to nag you. 

However, we do want to have a reminder here regardless.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your car in tip top, factory, condition. 

Yeah, we know, "nagging". Sorry.

But just like your dentist tells you, it is always easier, faster, cheaper, and less painful, if you do a little work every now and then. Make certain everything is clean, and working properly. With nothing going on quietly in the back ground.

It is always better to have regular services, and inspections so that you know if any of your cars systems start to exhibit symptoms of a larger problem, and to fix those issues while they are still small and inexpensive. 

Whether it is a hum from a wheel bearing (has play, should be replaced), or some squealing from your brakes (may be as simple as a little glazing and only need a quick clean), it is guaranteed to be far easier on you, and your wallet, if you keep your car, SUV, truck etc. maintained and operating properly.

Not only does it improve safety, which is nice since many of us have our loved ones in our cars whenever they are running, it also stops you from being stuck all of a sudden for a large repair that will take a long time and mean your schedule is effected. It also means your bank account does not get a sudden shock. Which always happens at the worst time.   

Preventive Maintenance

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